Words, a powerful tool

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Words are not just a way of communicating, there are instruments that can help you close a deal, or not. Good words used good times can get you a closing deal, but when you negotiate with someone, a wrong words can change the whole negotiation in a bad way.

That is why I have tried to make up a list of words that you should avoid when you are making a sell:

1. “Yes, but….” – You have to avoid this phrase because it produces a negative connotation in the buyers mind. Let’s say that you are trying to sell him an expensive TV set. The buyer will say that is has the same characteristics with a cheaper model. You CAN`T say “Yes. But it has a different start button” If you say this, than the buyer will understand that you agree with him that is expensive and don`t worth to spend money on it.

2. “We have a team of experts” - When a customer asks you something about the product and you don`t know the answer, don`t say that you have a team of experts that will contact him in a couple of days and explain everything to him. In 90% of the cases the customer doesn`t return to hear the experts explications.
3. “To be honest with you” – Bad expression used by many sales agents. When you talk to a client and in the middle of the dialog say “To be honest with you, I would …..”, that is practically saying that have lied to him until now. Until now you haven’t been honest, but now you are.

4. “I will try” – “I have tried, but it wasn`t possible” - This expression doesn`t bring much confidence to your customers. Have you ever heard a surgeon say “I will try to make the operation”? He inspires a lot of confidence in the eye of the relatives, doesn`t he?

5. “I am sorry” – This is a phrase that that is very used by sellers. Don`t use it. Try a different approach if you have made a mistake, like: “It`s a very unpleasant situation, let’s see what we can do to fix it”.


I have tried to point out some of the mistakes that some people tend to do when they are trying to make their first advertisement for their small business.

1. Don’t use you face – Don’t use your picture to promote the business, we know that you are a very important person, but let de advertising agency to find a model.

2. Don’t use pets - try to concentrate on the advantages that your product brings to the customer, don’t concentrate on what kind of dog appears in your commercial, Lets say that you are advertising in roof tiles, you want to use a pet for what? They are nice, but they don sell roof tiles (if you know what I mean)

3. Don’t try to copy other, and especially your competitors. Don’t make similar ads. The customer would not distinguish you from your competitors unless you come up with something new and innovative.

4. Don’t put your ad everywhere; you will spend your money for nothing. Try to understand that not everyone is interesting in your product, so instead of throwing money away, try to advertise in places where your future customers are. Let’s continue with the example of roof tiles. For that kind of product you should advertise in DIY stores or specialized magazines.


With the crisis that we are dealing with many companies that have very competent people are on the brinks of bankruptcy. That is why is a good moment for you to hire excellent and very competent people with minimum costs.

Also is a very good time to try to devote your time and resources to your most valuable employees and try to make your best (if you are a manager) to not let go your most reliable employees. Hard times pass with devoted employees.

If you are a manager it’s a good time to listen to any ideas that your employees may have. You will never know where you can discover a talent. You can implement their ideas and make your business more efficient, they can have ideas on how to reduce the costs or how to be more productive.

Some companies tent to leave all regarding to the company’s management, don’t make this mistake, try to involve all your employees in this process, you will only discover new and good ideas.


A low-cost selling strategy

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Telemarketing was a very good strategy to sell products from big and small companies as well. But this was 15 years ago. Even thought there are not as effective as they used to be telemarketing agents can bring you nice profits. The phone bills will be a small amount to pay when you will have high profits.

I will give some advices regarding telemarketing strategies and methods:

1) Don`t try to sell products over 1000 $, they will be practically impossible to sell, try products under 200 $

2) Try to simple products that the costumer could understand the description over the phone, complex products are not likely to be sold

3) Using telemarketing you can study the market and the trend, you can anticipate the trend and come up with new products that will satisfy your customers

4) Telemarketing will not work if it is your only product for your marketing campaign, try combining it with other marketing techniques