Words, a powerful tool

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Words are not just a way of communicating, there are instruments that can help you close a deal, or not. Good words used good times can get you a closing deal, but when you negotiate with someone, a wrong words can change the whole negotiation in a bad way.

That is why I have tried to make up a list of words that you should avoid when you are making a sell:

1. “Yes, but….” – You have to avoid this phrase because it produces a negative connotation in the buyers mind. Let’s say that you are trying to sell him an expensive TV set. The buyer will say that is has the same characteristics with a cheaper model. You CAN`T say “Yes. But it has a different start button” If you say this, than the buyer will understand that you agree with him that is expensive and don`t worth to spend money on it.

2. “We have a team of experts” - When a customer asks you something about the product and you don`t know the answer, don`t say that you have a team of experts that will contact him in a couple of days and explain everything to him. In 90% of the cases the customer doesn`t return to hear the experts explications.
3. “To be honest with you” – Bad expression used by many sales agents. When you talk to a client and in the middle of the dialog say “To be honest with you, I would …..”, that is practically saying that have lied to him until now. Until now you haven’t been honest, but now you are.

4. “I will try” – “I have tried, but it wasn`t possible” - This expression doesn`t bring much confidence to your customers. Have you ever heard a surgeon say “I will try to make the operation”? He inspires a lot of confidence in the eye of the relatives, doesn`t he?

5. “I am sorry” – This is a phrase that that is very used by sellers. Don`t use it. Try a different approach if you have made a mistake, like: “It`s a very unpleasant situation, let’s see what we can do to fix it”.

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