I have tried to point out some of the mistakes that some people tend to do when they are trying to make their first advertisement for their small business.

1. Don’t use you face – Don’t use your picture to promote the business, we know that you are a very important person, but let de advertising agency to find a model.

2. Don’t use pets - try to concentrate on the advantages that your product brings to the customer, don’t concentrate on what kind of dog appears in your commercial, Lets say that you are advertising in roof tiles, you want to use a pet for what? They are nice, but they don sell roof tiles (if you know what I mean)

3. Don’t try to copy other, and especially your competitors. Don’t make similar ads. The customer would not distinguish you from your competitors unless you come up with something new and innovative.

4. Don’t put your ad everywhere; you will spend your money for nothing. Try to understand that not everyone is interesting in your product, so instead of throwing money away, try to advertise in places where your future customers are. Let’s continue with the example of roof tiles. For that kind of product you should advertise in DIY stores or specialized magazines.

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